Parks Auction Team
Photo of Stan Vaught

Stan Vaught

Stan is the managing partner of Parks Auction Company LLC and has been an auctioneer since 1991. He graduated from MTSU in 1985 with a degree in agriculture. Stan is a lifelong resident of Rutherford County and resides on the family farm in Milton with his wife and two sons.

Photo of John Higgins

John Higgins

John is the principal auctioneer of Parks Auction Company LLC and has been a realtor and an auctioneer since 1986. John grew up on a farm and was heavily involved in the family’s livestock business. He attended two to three auctions per week as a child and has been intrigued with auctions since childhood. John is married and has three children.

Photo of Kristie Bailey

Kristie Bailey

Photo of Bryan Bannister

Bryan Bannister

Photo of Jason Barrett

Jason Barrett

Photo of Bryson Bell

Bryson Bell

Photo of Rex Bicknell

Rex Bicknell

Photo of Mitchell Boyce

Mitchell Boyce

Photo of Bob Bugg

Bob Bugg

Photo of Kirk Bugg

Kirk Bugg

Photo of Tara Bugg

Tara Bugg

Photo of Jacob Davidson

Jacob Davidson

Photo of Todd Davidson

Todd Davidson

Photo of Mason DeBerry

Mason DeBerry

Photo of Jason Finney

Jason Finney

Photo of Beth Frame

Beth Frame

Photo of Mimi Genet

Mimi Genet

Photo of Andy Higgins

Andy Higgins

Photo of Jamie Holloway

Jamie Holloway

Photo of Blake Insell

Blake Insell

Photo of Lake Middleton

Lake Middleton

Photo of Julie Northern

Julie Northern

Photo of Dale Nichols

Dale Nichols

Photo of Gary Nichols

Gary Nichols

Photo of Wickey Parker

Wickey Parker

Photo of Donnie Smith

Donnie Smith

Photo of Keith Strain

Keith Strain

Photo of Jim Thomas

Jim Thomas

Photo of Bruce Todd

Bruce Todd

Photo of Vandy VanMeter

Vandy VanMeter

Photo of Chandler Vaught

Chandler Vaught

Photo of Ryan Walker

Ryan Walker

Photo of Randy Ward

Randy Ward

Photo of Amelia Weaver

Amelia Weaver

Photo of Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson

Photo of Eldridge Posey

Eldridge Posey

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Photo of Dwight Vinson

Dwight Vinson

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Photo of Tommy Williams

Tommy Williams

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