Seller's Benefits

Seller’s Benefits

A real estate auction is a public sale of properties. Traditionally, years ago real estate investors were the only group of buyers acquiring homes at auction, but today that’s no longer the case. In today’s market selling at auction brings more competition for the house, land, farm or commercial property and, unlike most traditional methods, the owner chooses when to sell.

Other advantages to selling at auction:

  • Sell Property Fast. Depending on the circumstance, some sellers are able to sell in 30 days and close in 30 days!
  • Sell Property ‘as is.’ You won't have to haggle with home inspections, contingencies, appraisals or rejections.
  • Get multiple offers. Increase the number of qualified buyers, so you sell for more.
  • Buyers must close on the house

Auctions are becoming increasingly popular. Once considered as a last resort effort, they are now seen for their value. Auctions work well in many scenarios, including estate settlements, business liquidations, divorce settlements and corporate relocation. When you need immediate results, this is the best way to sell your property.